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On this page you will find information about Sterilization, circuses, horse-drawn carriages, racing, rodeos, bull fighting, marineland and Hunting.

Why sterilize
-Reduce the over population of unwanted cats and dogs
-Reduce health problems such as mammary tumors, uterine infections, testicular tumors, prostatic hyperplasia, etc. 
-Eliminate heat and spotting. Thus in a female cat the constant meowing, and in a female dog the bleeding cycle 
-Eliminate territory marking
-Reduce the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. 
-Reduce Oder in urine
-Reduce aggressivity
What age is best to sterilize?
Any age is fine.


1) Vanier College (a Ville St-Laurent)
Contact for the Vanier Spay/Neuter clinic is 450-375-3686 or 1-877-738-8700

Call  450-632-0011

3) Www.Sterianimal.org

4) Sterilization Program
In Brossard
Code 15920

5) Hôpital vétérinaire d'Argenson
Contact : 514-910-5412

6) Clinique vétérinaire Lavaltrie
Contact: 450-586-4435

7) Clinique vétérinaire Jarry
Contact: 514-355-1138

Ask for help to your community center, section community aid, in your city, if you explain your dilemma they may be willing to help you!

ADVICE: Try putting $2 a day aside for the future medical needs of your pet, like accidents, sterilizations, vaccinations etc...

                                                                                  Cat overpopulation

-Shelters across Canada have been facing a serious problem for more cats are being brought and euthanized than adopted. Many healthy adoptable cats are being euthanized due to not having enough space. More than half of all cats brought to shelters are euthanized.

-The over population of cats is mostly due to irresponsible cat owners. Letting their cats outdoors without sterilization or identification. Many people also move away leaving there cats behind. Lost cats with no identification have only a 10% chance of being reunited with their owners. Many abandoned cats catch disease such as f.i.v, f.e.l.v, parasites, etc..

-Un-spayed un-neutered cats give birth to hundreds of unwanted litters every year. There are over 10.1 million abandoned cats in Canada, with thousands of feral cat colonies. One adult female cat can reproduce 3 litters a year some having even up to 9 kittens. In 7 years a female and her offspring can reproduce more than 420 000 cats.
-It is the responsibility of every cat owner to sterilize there cats. Many municipalities are now offering low cost sterilization.

Please sterilize your cat and adopt!

                                                                                Dog overpopulation

Each year 8 million abandoned dogs are brought to shelters in Canada. Sadly more than 3.7 million will be euthanized due to not enough space.
Cause of overpopulation
-Irresponsible breeders such as puppy mills and irresponsible pet owners who dont spay-neuter there dog.
-In 6 years a female dog will reproduce over 67 000 puppies.

Please spay-neuter your dog and adopt!


                              Animals used for Entertainment                                           

Circuses are some of the biggest animal abusers; they force wild animals such as: bears, elephants, tigers, and other animals to perform painful and stressful acts. The sole purpose of a circus is to entertain and make a profit but it’s sadly at the cost of animal suffering.

-On average a circus travels 48 weeks a year. During this time animals are kept in very small cages with little or no sunlight. 96% of their lives will be spent in these cages.

Cruel Training

The training of these animals is extremely cruel they use whips, electric rods, metal bull hooks, muzzles, etc. They train the animals to fear them in order to get them to do what they want.
-No government agency monitors or inspects training sessions of circuses.
- Please do not attend any circuses which use animals instead please check out a cruelty free circus such as cirque du soleil.

                                                          Horse-Drawn carriages
It might seem like a great idea while walking in the old port to go on a carriage ride right? wrong

Horses are forced to pull oversized carriages all day in extreme heat and cold. Dodging traffic and inhaling toxic exhaust fumes all day.
Many horses suffer from respiratory tract disorders, heat strokes, debilitating leg problems from walking on hard surface, etc..
There has also been countless fatal accidents with cars. When a horse is done its long day it is then sent to a small stable with little or no room to move and no outdoor running space.
These animals are not meant for the city they are meant to roam in free green space.

Please do not go on horse-drawn carriage rides!



Horse racing

Thousands of horses are bred for racing every year but only 5 to 10 percent will reach the race tract the others will be sent to the slaughterhouse. Why? The trainers are very selective of the horses they choose.

The horses begin to train very young when there skeletal system is not yet developed.
Once the horse starts racing it is pumped with drugs such as steroids to ensure its preformance. These horses suffer constantly from torn muscles, fractures, strains etc. Horse which have sever injuries such as broken bones will be put down. 85% of horses die on race tracks every year due to injury. The others are sent to slaughterhouse when no longer needed.
Once off the track they are kept in very small stables with little or no room to move.

Please do not attend or support horse racing!
Grey hound racing

Over 250 000 grey hounds are registered every year for racing but most of them sadly do not qualify and are killed.
Almost all race dogs suffer from toe injuries, torn muscles, fractures, and broken bones.
When not racing they are confined to a small crates with little or no room to move and no socialization with the other dogs.
They usually retire around age 3. Every year about 10 000 dogs retire but only 3 000 are lucky enough to find homes. The other 7 000 are shot, drowned, or poisoned.
Please do not support grey hound racing.

Races which use other animals usually have the same guide lines as the two above.
Please do not attend or support animal racing!

In rodeo events you generally see calf roping, chuckwagon racing, team roping, steer wrestling, wild cow milking, and bareback horse/bull riding.

What is calf-roping
This is when a calf is kicked and electrocuted into the arena then chased by a horse rider. The horse rider then ropes the calf's neck jerking it to the ground. The calfs feet are then tied together as the rider leaves the arena.
This causes serious pain and fear to a young calves some even die from broken necks.

What is Chuckwagon racing?
The chuckwagon race involves several teams of horses pulling wagons in a figure eight course and racing down a track at high speed to the finish line. Many horses die in this stampede due to crashes, injuries and heart attacks brought on by stress.

What is Team-roping?
In this event two mounted cowboys attempt to rope and immobilize a steer in the least amount of time. The rope is thrown around the steer’s neck by one rider and the other ropes the hind legs. The steer is then pulled from each end and stretched to bring him to the ground. Often the steer is stretched so violently that all four feet leave the ground and he is suspended in mid-air by the neck and legs.

What is Steer wrestling?
A rider jumps from a horse on to the neck of a running steer. He then twists the neck of the steer until it falls to the ground. This often result in neck injuries and in some cases even death.

What is Wild cow milking?
In this event it involves three cowboys chasing a roped cow, grabbing and twisting its neck to stop it long enough for one cowboy to take milk from the cow’s udder side. Extreme stress can be observed amongst the cows as they attempt to escape.

What is Bareback riding/bull riding?
Riders compete to see who can stay mounted on a bucking horse/bull the longest. Bucking is not a natural activity for a horse/bull. A  “flank strap” is tied around the horse/bull sensitive hindquarters to make him buck. Causing lots of pain and injuries to there hindquarter.

What they use to ensure animal performance?

They use electric prods, spurs, and bucking straps to irritate and enrage animals. Before entering the ring, cows and horses are often prodded with an electrical "hotshot" so that the pain will rile them. The flank strap often causes open wounds and burns when the hair is rubbed off and the skin is chafed raw.

Please do not attend or support rodeos!
                                                                 Bull fighting 

Each year over 40 000 bulls are slaughtered in bull rings. Bulls are weaken before entering the ring to ensure that they wont win. They are beat, drugged, and have petroleum jelly put into there eyes before entering the ring (impairs sight).
Once in the ring the picadors drive lances reputedly into the bulls neck and backs. They are then runned in circles until they collapse. To finish he then takes out a sword to kill the bull. But most bulls do not die right away and stay conscious for about 15 minutes. They also cut the bulls tail and ears off for trophies.
This is extremely gruesome and causes extreme pain and prolonged deaths to innocent bulls.

Please do not attend or support bull fighting!

What is marineland?
-Marineland is an aquatic park which make use of dolphins, orcas, and seals to entertain people.
-These wild animals are usually caught at a very young age, mothers and others are usually killed during this process. The movie the cove explains this in detail.
-Once brought to the marine park they are forced to live in very small cement tanks, which would be the equivalent of a human living inside a bathtub.
-These animals are forced to preform in order to get food.

-The quality of water in which these animals live is very poor causing infection, bacterial infection, scabby or flacky skin, even blindness. These very social and smart animals also suffer from solitude, loneliness, stress, depression, etc. Wild orcas and dolphins can reach the age of 40-50, sadly in marineland they usually don't make it past age 17.
-There are no laws or regulations in Ontario for zoos and aquatic parks.

Please help us by signing our petition and please do not support or visit marineland.
                                                                Seal hunt

Each spring off the coast of Canada the largest slaughter of marine animals in the world begins.

The seals killed in this brutal slaughter are mainly harp seals and hooded seals.

-In the last few years the seal population has declined about 2 million animalsNot only are the seals facing human threat but also climate change (thinning of ice).
-95% of seals being slaughtered are less than 4 weeks old. Over 42% of these pups are being skinned alive, others are either shot or clubbed to death.
-Equipment used in this cruel slaughter mainly consist of firearms and hakapik (a hapkapik is a heavy wooden club with a hammer head and a hook at the end)

Why this slaughter?
To create pelts, lamp fuel, cooking oil, constitution for soap etc...
-This slaughter causes a threat to not only the seal population but also the fish population.

Please do not buy any seal products! Boycott the seal hunt!

                                                                Trophy hunting

What is trophy hunting?
Trophy hunting is where an individual tracks and kills an animal for sport or fun. Some hunters even bring children along teaching them complete disrespect of life by killing an innocent creature.
Some may use the excuse of managing wildlife but this is wrong. When left alone Wild life is completely capable of managing itself. In nature balance is kept when natural predators kill the sickest and weakest animals. Sadly a major problem with hunting is that hunters generally kill the healthiest and strongest animals.

Wounded or injured animals

Many times hunters will miss there shot leaving an animal wounded. These animals may suffer for hours or even days before dying a long painful death.
It is estimated that 3 million ducks are wounded every year. Many deer suffer 20 minutes and generally shot 2 or 3 times before dying. Some of the wild animals may even be endangered causing a serious decline in the population.
All this for what a trophy, medal or head on your wall.

This is unnecessary so please do not hunt and please do not support hunting.


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