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At NaraCanada our main focus is education.
Educating the public is what we believe will make a difference in our society. We believe one person at a time we can change the mentalities of thousands.
 We believe by speaking to children, and adolescents in schools and young adults in collage, and universities we can make a profound difference to animal welfare.
Preventing animal cruelty is the ultimate aim.
We spread the word through, campaigning and animal welfare education courses.
With public support we work with governments, demonstrating the need and public desire for change.                                                           
What we offer
-We offer to schools, day camps, conferences, festivals, gatherings, expositions, birthdays, holiday gatherings, etc.. our services of education.
-We can teach you about all our campaigns or a campaign of your choice.
-You can also chose what type of photos and power point presentation is best for you, with or without live animals, and with/without petitions. If you would like petitions, you can chose which petitions would be best for your guests to sign.
We guarantee an unforgettable and educational experience for all ages.
                                                     Catch and release                                                    
What is catch and release?
In Montreal there is over 6 million abandoned cats 90% of those cats are feral meaning they where born in the streets and are totally wild. Since these cats are not adoptable when entering a shelter they are euthanized. To avoid this, we trap(catch) the cat then they are taken to the vet where they are  sterilized then they are released back into there neighborhood.
The point of this is to help stop the overpopulation of cats by ensuring they can no longer reproduce. Since we are no-kill we prefer to release the animal then to have it spend the rest of its life in a cage.
Every feral cat which is caught is provided with only the best veterinary care and food. Once released we assure to release the cat in a safe quite environment.
Contact us for information on the sterilization of abandoned cats.

We need you to continue sterilizing feral cats. Please make a donation today and help us sterilize a feral cat or feral cat colony!

How to help your locale feral cat ?
You can put some food and water out twice a day and you can create a warm shelter.
                                                                 Pet sitting                                                                                                       
Please reserve in advance!
We offer in your home pet sitting while you are away.
When you are away, let your pets stay home. Sending pets to a daycare may cause a lot more stress (due to a change of environment) than staying at home in there environment where they feel safe.



For cats
Estimated time: 30 minutes
Change water
Feed cat
Scoop litter box, tidy litter box area
Extended cat play and petting session
No additional charge for extra cats

One visit per day 15$
Two visits per day 25$
For dogs
Estimated time: 60 minutes
Change water
Feed dog
Walk dog for 30 minutes 
Play and petting session

Two visits per day small dog 25$  large dog 30$

We also offer to keep your pet while you are away.
We assure you that all pets will be in the comfort of a reliable trust worthy volunteer. Who will take proper care of your pets while your gone.
We offer your pets lots of love, attention, exercise, clean food/water, and what ever else you recommend/need for your pet.
We Offer this service mostly to exotic animals such as birds, parrots, rabbits, ferrets, rodents, reptiles, and in some cases cats and dogs.
You must provide us with food, and if necessary cage, terrarium, leash etc.

Our fees: Per week
Small Rodents (hamster, rat, etc.) 10$
Large rodents (rabbit, ferret, etc.) 20$
parrots 20$
birds 15$

Small 10$
large 20$

1 month or more get 5$off for exotics only.
Reserve in advance please!
Cats 10$per day
More than 7 days you get a discount 1 free day a week.
Reserve in advance please!
small 12$a day
big 18$a day
More than 7 days you get a discount 1 free day a week.
                                              Wildlife relocation                                                             
If you have an unwanted guest in your back yard we provide a safe, humane, and effective solutions to bring the animal to a protect national park.
It occurs from time to time that a raccoon or skunk may have lost its way and found itself in your back yard if so please do not hurt the animal in stead contact us and we will gladly bring it to a safe nature park.
Why you might find wildlife in your back yard?
The main reason is the growing city and the diminishing of the forests. These animal have very little room to survive and your back yard may look like the only forest its seen in miles. Other reasons may consist of the smell of food or garbage.
Please be understanding and give them a chance!
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