How you can help us

Why make a donation?
We are not funded by the government we rely solely on peoples generosity to continue our fight. We need your financial support to stop cruelty and save animal lives. None of NaraCanadas lifesaving work would be possible without your generosity. Your gift will make a difference in our fight to end animal abuse and suffering.   

to help us - Where your donation goes?

-Educate, raise awareness, and spread the word
-Different forms of campaigning, and education                                       
-Online campaigns and education
-Consult with political spears, conferences
-Amend and create new laws
-Volunteer programs
-Control overpopulation of strays
-Catch and release program
-Foster programs
-Adoption programs
-Work materials and awareness tools
Near future expansion
-No-kill shelter

How to donate?
You can make a secure donation online using the PayPal button below its safe and it's very easy!
-You can donate directly to a volunteer in Montreal streets or metros ( remember we are never at the same location so please if you happen to see us stop and help)
-You can send us a cheque (please contact us for the complete address)

                                           Become a Member                                             
Why become a member?
Monthly donors give vital support to the growth and maintaining of NaraCanada. For as little as the price of your daily cup of coffee, you can help us. Your monthly gift will provide a consistent and reliable source of funding that allows us to plan ahead.
Membership options
                             Help us open a no-kill shelter                               
With limited foster homes we are limited on the amount of animals we can save.
With the space a shelter provides we would be able to take in a lot more abandoned animals and save many more lives. We are looking forward to opening a no-kill shelter as soon as possible.
Please help us achieve our goals and save lives.
Please make a donation.
                                                                   Sign our petitions                                                                        
Montreal Quebec petitions
Petitions for all of Canada
                  Volunteer                                  Work                                 
Volunteer some time!

Why volunteer with us, benefits of volunteering?
-Make a positive difference in your community
-Make a positive difference for animals and there future
-Be part of a solution
-Learn and develop new skills
-New interests and hobbies that make a difference
-Explore new fields that may help you find a great career
-Meet great new people
-Build self confidence

What this consists of :
-Educate the public on different forms of animal cruelty
-Change the way society see animals and animal laws
-Change the mentality of hundreds of people and the way they treat animals
-Circulate petitions which will help create new laws and strengthen existing laws
-Gather funds to continue the growth of the organization

-Commit a minimum 4 hours a week
-Be comfortable in the public
- positive attitude
-Understand and fulfill your role
-bilingual is a plus
-Genuine love for animals

Help us today we cant do it without you
join us today!

Phone: 514-212-3924 (please leave a message; we will get back to you as soon as possible).
Work with us

Join our team of public awareness agents.
NaraCanada is presently seeking canvassers to help us put an end to animal cruelty.
We are hiring full time and part time.

Monday to Friday:   7am  to  3pm  or   7am  to 11am  
Saturday 11am  to 3pm

Your job consists of :

- Educating the public by raising awareness and informing them about the dangers animals face in Canada.
- Gathering signatures and donations.
- We work every day at a new location all accessible by bus and metro.

- Sales and custumer service

-  Good communication and people skills, positive attitude, dynamic, motivated, reliable, and bilingual is a plus.
Salary to be discussed upon experience

NaraCanada thanks you in advance for your help, support, and services, together we can make a change and reach our positive goals.

Contact us: 514-212-3924  (please leave a message; we will get back to you as soon as possible).

 Send us your CV.  info@naracanada.com





We need foster homes for dogs, cats, rabbits, birds etc.. 
We need responsible people!                                                                                                                                                 
What are the advantages of fostering?
-Cant commit to long term? If so fostering is for you. You can decide how many months you would like to foster.
-You want to keep an animal for a short period of time and your goal is to find it a good home.
-Don't know if having an animal is right for you? So foster one and get a great life experience.
-You can give an abandoned animal the tender love and care it needs until we find it a good home.
-The animal will be happier and healthier in a home environment giving it a better chance of getting adopted.
What does it mean to be a foster family?
Your duties :
-Commit to temporarily taking care of a dog, cat, rabbit, bird, etc.
-Pay for its food, the cat litter and all other accessories.
-Provide all the care you would give a pet of your own.
-The vet fees are entirely covered by NaraCanada.
-The foster family who does no want to keep the dog or cat anymore, must notify us at least 2 weeks in advance so that we can plan the transfer to another foster family.
-There will be some home visits by people interested in seeing and/or adopting the animal.
Please consider opening your hearts and your homes to animals in need.
Join the Foster Program!
They need you now!



                                              Report animal cruelty                                            
If you see an animal in distress it is your duty to call 911
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