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 We are the National Animal Rights Association of Canada (NaraCanada). We are a completely independent organisation. We are not affiliated/associated with any other organisation. We promote the welfare and protection of all animal rights. We are the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Where animal cruelty is concerned we make it our business to put an end to it! We make it our business to assure that all animals have the right to live there lives to be respected and protected from unnecessary pain, suffering and neglect. 
  We exist for the purpose of putting an end to animal cruelty. Making sure that all animals being in the custody of a person or in the control of a shelter whether it is a domestic animal or wild animal that is in captivity be provided with suitable and adequate food, water, shelter, and cared for in a reasonable and respectful manner by there keepers.

 In are campaigns we promote the education of puppy mills, pet cruelty and neglect, dog fighting, fur industry, leather industry, wool industry, animal testing, sterilization, circus, horse-drawn carriages, racing, rodeos, bull fighting, marineland, hunting, factory farming (food industry), endangered species of Canada, etc.  As we are the advocates for those who cannot speak nor defend themselves we will speak for them and defend them in there rights against any cruelty towards them. We are here to voice there concerns.

 We educate the public by raising awareness, and informing them about the dangers that animals face in Canada. We do this by engaging with the public in discussions, inviting them to sign our petitions in our campaigns against animal cruelty, we educate the public in the differences in animal rights and animal welfare and what they can do to help improve the life and welfare of animals who are in distress and whom needs the most help.

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 We take in abandoned animals and find them suitable owners who will provide them with a safe and loving environment. We do not believe in euthanasia so all animals who come to us will stay until the appropriate family comes along. All animals in our care stay in foster homes who meet our requirements. We provide the animals with the most love and care possible.

 We take part in diminishing the over population of cats with our catch and release program. Every feral cat which is caught is provided with only the best veterinary care and food. Once released, we assure the cat is brought to a safe quite environment.


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The information on the website is for the purpose of education, awareness, and information only. It should not be used to commit criminal acts or harassment.
NaraCanada has no links or involvements with the animal rights liberation font, animal rights militia , or any other animal rights group. Any articles published on this website relating to illegal activities are posted for the sole purpose of publishing news and information related to animal rights, and are not intended to incite or encourage similar acts.
Most of the videos on our website are shared videos if you want to see our personal videos check out our YouTube channel.
NaraCanada does not share, rent, or sell any personal information of its members or staff, in respect of the privacy act.

The national animal rights association of Canada is a registered entreprise with the provincial gouverment of Quebec,
immatriculation(neq) : 3368635168,
The national animal rights association of Canada, is a nonprofit association.
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